The One Sales and Marketing Idea That Will Differentiate You From Everyone Else

Direct mail, telephone, e-mail, internet, personal sales, networking, newsletters, articles, press releases, e-newsletters, radio shows, radio ads, TV ads, infomercials, billboards, signage, company cars, posters, letters, blogs. These are all good ways to market your business. Every business that employs these techniques will get a certain amount of results.

There are dozens of marketing tools that can be used to promote your business, but none of them will make an enormous difference if they are not partnered with something even more important.

PT Barnum used it and became the first millionaire in show business.

Andrew Carnegie used it and built one of the largest companies in the world at the time.

Examples of people who utilize it today include Richard Branson, Ken Blanchard, Richard Bolles, Sean Combs, John Kotter, Steve Wozniak, and the list goes on.

If you want to experience growth this year, regardless of what marketing techniques you want to use, you must do what all of these people did or are currently doing…

Take massive, focused action.

The words look so simple that they might be perceived as commonplace. But as any student of business knows, massive action is one of the most rare occurrences in the business world.

Everyone mentioned above had an intense desire to experience rapid growth. They stopped looking for the perfect brochure, mailer, advertisement, copy, etc. and began implementing the multitude of things they could immediately do, perfect or not, that would attract large amounts of people to their enterprises.

If business has taught us anything the last fifty years it is this: the market does not demand perfection, it demands action. And the greatest rewards go to the companies who take the greatest amount of action.